Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bullet point blog post

  • I'm getting a lot more efficient and confident with my job - yay!
  • A custom made wedding dress is in the works right now-for cheap!
  • Wearing my mom's veil for my wedding, and I can't wait
  • Got our security deposit back from the office we used to rent, and it was about 1/2 of what we expected because of "referrals" and "commissions." Oh yes, someone's going to feel my irritation.
  • My cute little dog has a pair of doggles for sticking her head out the window, and she loves them.
  • Going to Kentucky this weekend to hang out with the hillbilly side of my family, and I couldn't be happier!
  • So far in the last couple months, I've gotten the following for free (either from various curbsides, from freecycle/craigslist: a coffee table for my back porch, a glider chair (for the porch), lots of red landscaping bricks, 2 maple trees, a dehumidifier, and an air compressor that needed a little tlc. Free is a good price : )
  • I've started on my wedding quilt. It's going to be used in the unity portion of the ceremony. I'm gathering scraps of fabric from family members, and combining them all into the quilt. Can't really do a unity candle outside, and I am not a fan of the sand-doesn't it look like the sand art you did as a kid?
  • I bought an old-timey looking bike that I don't have to hunch over to ride. It's a light yellow, and it's so fun to ride! No matter how dorky it is!
  • Aaron and I have been recently volunteering for Indy Feral, which is a local non-profit that helps stray and feral cats. We usually volunteer 6-7 hours each time, but it is so rewarding.