Monday, August 24, 2009

My progress so far

School's going back for most, so I thought I would take a quick inventory...

It's true, I did say I wanted to move out of my parents' house by August, and here it is, almost September, and I'm still here. The good thing is that I am able to save more for my wedding, retirement (did I just say retirement?), and I'm also able to help my parents finish the odd jobs and projects that they don't have the time to get to. We've recently painted and tiled their basement. You should've seen the carpet--heinous!!

In terms of my business, I've spent the last three years reinvesting money into it to make it better and better, but now, I've gotten to the point where I am happy with its status, and I am finally taking a paycheck! Momma's so proud! It feels good to finally take something. It's given me a little extra motivation : )

I'm also getting ready to launch my second business related to food service. I can't wait for it to get off the ground!! Stay tuned for details. I'll be posting them soon!

Finally, I am so happy with the activities that I chose to do outside of work--I am of course, volunteering with the FACE low-cost spay/neuter clinic, and I'm also working with the Humane Society to learn about how I can help them expand their youth animal rights. I'm still kind of in limbo in finding a church, though, and I'm always willing to take suggestions!

Since establishing a more permanent home, I've developed better habits of exercising, sleeping, and general well being. Boy, does that feel good!

So is my progress as quick as I'd like? No. Do I like the direction I'm headed? You bet.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

I was wrong : (

Recently, I commented in this blog about a guy who made my job more enjoyable because he was extremely reliable, pleasant, and did a great job.

Well, in the past couple of weeks, one of our clients requested that he not come back, and then he failed to show up to a really important event. I found out later that he had "been drinking" that day.

Also, in my last post, I talked about a guy who looked a little hood and then turned out to be an animal lover with a rescued pitbull. I was wrong. He got fired this week because he stole money out of a cash register, and I learned that he didn't even have a dog.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I relearned the old adage to not judge a book by its cover!

This week, a young man about my age entered my office asking about work. I handed him some paperwork, and when he was finished, I collected it and told him that I would be with him in a minute for the interview. As I entered our waiting area, I noticed that he was reading a copy of the Pampered Pet magazine (a free publication!), and I thought that it was pretty interesting, especially since he looked kind of thugish.

I said, "I noticed you were reading the animal magazine. Do you have any of your own animals?" He responded that yes he did; a red-nosed pit bull and a miniature pincher. Very shallowly, I assumed that this rough-around the edges guy was just like the many pit bull owners that I had met at the clinic. I reasoned that this guy must be the type who thought his pit bull was an absolute beast.

I decided to ask him where his dogs had come from because now I was getting nosy. He told me that his pit bull was a dog that had been cruelly forced into fighting. He also explained that she was "really torn up" when he got her. So, he rescued his "little girl." Of course, I melted. I felt like a jerk, and all of a sudden, I felt this great need to hire this guy!

After the interview, we talked about his love for reptiles. He doesn't believe in keeping them unless they practically have their own room, and he also elaborated and told me about his birthday gift a few years ago from his mother--a custom built iguana cage!

As he left, I decided to tell this fellow animal lover about the FACE clinic.

Oh, and he got hired. Shocker.

Grab-bag of blog topics

This weekend was jammed pack full of events, some good and some horrible.

Here's an index of topics for you to choose from. Warning: this blog post is guaranteed to be lengthy!

A. The Merrick/Utterback wedding
B. My little bunny, Harriet
C. Events without a hitch!

A. The Merrick/Utterback wedding

On Saturday night, Aaron and I attended Joe Merrick and Melissa Utterback's wedding. We had such a great time! It was great to catch up with the Merrick family, and I'm always up for a romantic night with my man! The DJ had on this AWFUL tuxedo shirt--the only place that it could have been purchased was the 1980's. I'm pretty sure that Joe's mom, Karen was ready to fight the DJ out in the parking lot too!

B. My little bunny, Harriet

Also on Saturday night, I was visiting my bunnies, Mimzy and Harriet, and I noticed that Harriet was not very responsive. I picked her up and let her hang out with me in the living room, gave her a banana, and she perked right up. I didn't think much about it until the next morning.... When I walked in the room, she was laying on her side, so I opened the top of the cage. She still did not get up. I reached down to touch her, and she still did not get up. Frantically, I woke up Aaron, and he rushed to her side to see what was wrong.

He carefully lifted her tiny body, and it was limp. She could not stand, and she could not even hold up her head. I felt panicked, but I knew this was not a time to lose my composure, so I called some emergency vets to see where I peacefully put her down (it became very apparent that she would not live) and found one on the north side.

My dad drove me up there, and at that point, I broke down and sobbed. I couldn't stand to see her suffering, and my tears blurred my vision. After about 10 minutes, I calmed down and carefully lifted the box that she was laying in to hear her breathing or see her body moving. I saw nothing, but I wanted to continue on just in case she were alive. I didn't want her to suffer any longer. When we reached the vet's office, I had begun crying again, and I knew that she had died. I asked them to check anyway.

The vet returned with her small frame and informed me that she had passed away. The little girl died in my arms! I felt glad that she died sooner, but I hated to lose her. Aaron and I buried her in a patch of clovers, but she would have been happiest. After laying the dirt, Aaron erected a small cross made of sticks and laid down Timothy hay at her gravesite as "flowers." We both broke down, held each other, and did the "ugly cry." The whole day was emotionally draining, and I still feel so sad today. I am just glad that she died with a loving family that misses her.

C. Events without a hitch

This past week, our staff was stretched pretty thin, and we were worried about how they would turn out. It felt like a living nightmare on Saturday when about a dozen people called off from their events.

Aaron and I hurriedly called more people who might be willing to work and found a few extras. One lady whom we had not called in a while said, "Prodigy? I can't believe you're still in business!" Jerk.

Somehow, we had PERFECT numbers for ALL of our events. I can't even remember that last time that happened!

We also had no major issues to deal with on Monday.

All I can say is WOW!!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I WANT this space!

I am renovating my room right now--mostly just painting, new curtains, and new bedspread. The one thing I am sooooo excited to add into my room is a scrapbooking/craft area. THIS is my inspiration:

I cannot wait to build these shelves and organize my stuff!

You bet I'll be posting pictures when it's done : )

Monday, August 3, 2009

Just when I thought I'd had my fill of being around people.....

While cleaning out the cages at the FACE clinic today, I learned of a wonderful surprise! One of the vet techs, Emily, told me that a couple of dogs came in today with frayed ropes as "leashes." The mother of one of the patients at the clinic noticed this and bought new collars and leashes for the little darlings.

The woman who purchased the leashes and collars left them with the clinic employees so that the owners of the dog wouldn't be wiser. Now isn't that nice?

After such a crazy, messed up weekend, there really is some good in the world after all : )

Anybody else recently witness random acts of kindness?

Whew! I made it past the weekend alive

This weekend affirms what I've always felt--when you deal with people, things get messy.

I spent all weekend trying to fix mini and major crises with the different events that we worked. It seemed like one issue after another, and I worked both Friday and Saturday night.

After working about 50 hours this week, I tacked on another 12 with the events I ended up having to work. I know I'm having a pity party, but a lot is riding on the work that I do, and when it doesn't go smoothly (which is often), my nerves fray. I had planned to spend my Sunday at the office catching up on work that I have neglected for a little while, but I spent all day in what I consider "recovery mode," which is just a vegetative state on the couch in my comfiest.

Although it is not for most, my favorite day of the week is Monday. I love Mondays because it's always a day in the office to catch up, we do casual Mondays, and I am not usually running around like a crazy person like I am the rest of the week, and Aaron and I volunteer at the FACE clinic

After the smoke clears after each weekend, I usually feel emotionally and physically drained. I guess that's why I'm doing this while I'm young, right? Well, I guess that's just how it goes : )