Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What's in a name?

A very ordinary looking, 7 year old cat was surrendered to the Humane Society of Indianapolis, so staff knew some good marketing of this cat would eventually find him a good home.

An employee suggested a cute name for the little guy: Leonardo DiCatrio

Within hours of becoming available, he was adopted. The woman who adopted him said that she was a huge fan of the real Leo, and was looking for a kitty. She decided to make a visit to the Humane Society to see if the cat was a good fit, and they got along purrrfectly. Check out Leo's photo on the below:

This situation got my boss's daughter thinking: were there other celebrity names that we could tweak? While watching the Indian's game for IndyHumane night at Victory Field (ok, so we didn't watch ALL of the game!), Audrey, my boss, and I started brainstorming, and here's the list we came up with:

Lil' Ro-meow
Pee Wee Furman
Pawton Manning
Dallas Bark
Jeff Saturplay
Pat Meow-cafee
Fur-ell Owens (Terrell Owens)
LePawn James
Charlize Furr-on (Charlize Theron
Justin Timberwoof
Shakitty (Shakira)
Tim McPaw
Meowly Cyrus
Gweneth Paw-trow
Austin Paw-ers
Brad Pawsley (Brad Paisley)
Brad Pitt (for a pit bull of course!)

Robert Meow-ny Jr.

Gwen stepawni

Woofie goldberg

Paul mccatney

Cat benatar

Kelly barkson

Joe Di Pawggio

Tiger woods (cat)

Tiger woofs (dog)

Stone cold steve pawstin
Danika Catrick (I actually know someone who has a cat with this name!)

Kitty Purry (Katie Perry, and fun fact: she actually has a cat with this name)
Meow-io andretti
Austin collie
Doggie depp
Jude paw
Sherlock bones
Kitty Knightly (Kiera Knightly)
Meow-io lopez
Apawlo ono
Shia LaRuff
Elijah woof
Hairy pawter
Pittny spears (for a cute little girl pittie)
Will Feral or Furrell
Collin feral or Furrell
Hairy-son ford
George hairy-son
Kitty Holmes
Oprah woofry
Charles barkly
Little bow wow Catrick Spay-ze
Pawtrick dempsey
Patrick spay-zey

Sissy Spay-cek

*****Note: Although these names are silly/fun, and their purpose is to draw attention to animals who may not show as well or may not be the top of the list for desirability, we screen all potential adopters to ensure that they are as serious as we are about the welfare of the animal

Also, I realize that the description of how Leo was adopted seems lightening quick, but animals must be medically cleared (including spay/neutering), tested behaviorally, and observed for a period of time before becoming available for adoption. ******