Thursday, August 16, 2012

Reflections and intentions: August

Despite my best intentions, it's been a while since I set aside to determine my goals for the month and reflect on last month's goals.

Oh well - here are July/August reflections and intentions... a few days late!!

Last month:  

1) Finish the art project we started in JUNE.  
Yes, we finally did!!  It looks great.  

We found a neat photo of a bike online and modified it so that it would look like a tandem bike. 

2) Work at least 10-20 minutes of Spanish practice in 5 days a week 
I made a more conscious effort to practice my Spanish, but I fell short on this goal.  

3) Translate several documents at work into Spanish 
Yes, I accomplished this goal with the help of one of my co-workers!  We now have many really important documents that the Spanish speaking public will need (information about our low-cost vaccine clinic, how to surrender, information about heartworm testing and prevention, etc.).  

4) Get up to 10 miles like my running training guide says
I actually surpassed this goal and completed an 11 mile run.  I am very pleased to say that I will be completing a 14 mile run this weekend which is a big deal for me - the furthest I have ever run is 13.1 miles (the distance of a mini marathon).  

5) Clean out my car
We'll consider this one an utter failure.  I have been really busy with work, my volunteering, training schedule, and spending time with Aaron.  Unfortunately, I do not prioritize my domestic duties.  I try to push myself to live differently - more boldly and interestingly - so that usually means that I push household duties to the side in order to spend the most time doing things that are fulfilling to me.  Let's just say I maintain the household cleaning begrudgingly and sometimes let the laundry pile up  

Goals for August: 
1) Work out 5 days a week - I started this goal at the beginning of August and have been successful so far.  
2) Make travel plans for a conference for work that I am attending at the end of October. 
3) Plan a fun activity with my mom (it feels like I haven't spent quality time with her in a while!) 
4) Complete two sewing projects that have been on my list (see my comments above about putting off domestic chores!) 
5) Finish the book I'm reading for marathon inspiration:
6) Write a journal entry chronicling my thoughts about starting a new position at the Humane Society.  I will be the new office manager at the Indianapolis Animal Welfare Center.  I will also (hopefully) get to dedicate more time to one of our outreach programs too -
7) Plan our 2 year wedding anniversary celebration for September!
8) Keep up my Spanish practice but not worry too much about sticking to 5 days a week.  Starting a new position will be hard enough - I don't need to overwhelm myself too much!