"The List"

  1. Visit all 7 continents 
  2. Take a polar plunge in Antarctica
  3. Do a bike tour in Italy 
  4. Hike to Machu Picchu 
  5. Visit the Grand Canyon   October 2012 
  6. Visit the Lourve
  7. Participate in an epic party (Carnival, La Tomatina) 
  8. Stay at the Ice Hotel in Sweden (http://www.icehotel.com/) 
  9. See the Northern Lights 
  10. Ride a gondola in Venice
  11. Work abroad doing animal protection work 
  1. Fly in a hot air balloon (June 2010 in Louisville, KY)
  2. Fly on a hang glider  (May 2013 - Lookout Mountain in Georgia)
  3. Jump out of a perfectly good airplane (September 2014 in Indianapolis)
  4. Go zorbing 
  5. Do a pull up 
  6. Do a back handspring
  7. Learn to handstand reliably
  8. Run a marathon (November 2012 in Indianapolis)
  9. Run the New York City Marathon (in 2015, I hope!)
  10. Do a century ride (100 mile bike ride) 
  11. Learn archery 
  12. Learn to ice skate (working on that right now!)
  13. Earn a black belt in a martial art (I've gotten to purple in Hapkido...)
  14. Learn to surf 
  15. Successfully execute a figure skating jump you'd hear on televsion

  1. Ride a mechanical bull 
  2. Solve a rubix cube 
  3. Learn to juggle 
  4. Be part of a flash mob (April 2014 - this flash mob was for the non-profit I work for)
  5. Get a tattoo

  1. Earn a masters degree
  2. Earn a PhD
  3. Learn to speak a language fluently (almost there with Spanish)
  4. Learn to play a musical instrument (I'm thinking guitar...)
  1. Become debt free
  2. Build a successful business (currently running one - (http://www.prodigyuniforms.com/)
  1. Build a Habitat for Humanity house  (October 2014 - my contribution was small - would like to do it again!).
  2. Donate blood - I am TERRIFIED of needles (yes, I work around surgery every day but am super freaked by blood and needles

  1. Create a space all to myself that will serve as a place of inspiration and rejuvenation
  2. Marry for love  (September 2010.  Some days, he drives me insane, but I love him!

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