Tuesday, October 26, 2010

An update on my last post

Ok, so he is the (slow) progress that I've made on my goals from the last time I posted.

1) I signed up for the mini! I'd say this is a point of no return. I'm too cheap to pay the money and not actually participate : ) In seriousness, I'm quite nervous to try to tackle what I consider do be a difficult physical challenge, I'm really excited at the same time. Which is why I agreed to do the next small step.

2) I joined an indoor soccer league with a friend of mine. Truth be told, the team needed another girl to help with substitutions, but I knew it would be a great way to start getting into shape. And boy was I right!

3) I've decided the comedy topic that I'll present - crazy cat lady antics! I started thinking about what I know most about and could talk about freely. It was simple - animals. I thought it would also be a great platform to inject a spay/neuter message into the routine. Truthfully, I'm moving pretty slowly with this goal because it's really scary for me. Getting up in front of a group to sing is not an issue, and neither is speaking. The thought of trying to effectively tell jokes in front of a group of people is sooooo terrifying because I don't consider myself to be a hilarious person. I think I can come up with something really good with enough practice and preparation.

The point of these goals is to try two things that are completely opposite of me and attempt to be successful at them. I am not really a runner, and I'm certainly not a comic. It should be an interesting journey to say the least!