Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Less is more: dump those vampire relationships!

Yes, we know Twilight is hot, but vampire friends are not. So what exactly is a vampire friend and how the heck does it have anything to do with simplifying your life?

Vampire friends are those that are a time and energy drain. You know, the friends who constantly stir up trouble and DA-RA-MAAA! Friends should be people we feel comfortable with and enjoy passing time. Friendships should make us feel happy, secure, and should allow you to give and receive. Ideally, being a good friend should allow you to develop yourself and give you a feeling of belonging.

The company of good friends is a beautiful thing.

But sometimes those friendships go sour, and it's important to know when to break it off!

Answer these questions:
1. Do you feel like you and your friend listen to and assist one another with respective concerns?
2. Do you feel a mutual respect for one anothers' accomplishments?
3. Are you able to carry on a conversation on a regular basis that does not end in debate or argument?
4. Do you feel as those both parties avoid dominating the relationship in any way?
5. Do you have trust for one another?
6. Are you and the other person able to find common interests besides thejuiciest gossip about others?
7. Do you both allow one another to be himself/herself without judgment?
8. Do you feel that you are reaching your potential (professionally, spiritually, physically, etc.) with the current base of friends you have?

Hopefully your answers were "yes," to the majority of these questions. If not, consider making new friends through volunteering, work, or community organizations like churches.

If you find yourself in a toxic friendship, try just letting the relationship slip away rather than confront the person about the relationship. Sometimes it's just better to let things go and move on. Simple as that.

And speaking of vampires, I'll leave you with this picture:

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