Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Updates on the Hendricks County Animal Control Facility

So far, we've made baby steps toward improving Animal Control in Hendricks County.

The commissioners have agreed to vote on having an animal control advisory board that would act as a liaison between citizens with suggestions/complaints/praises and the commissioners. We hope that it will act as a checks and balances system for the animal control officers and prevent abuses from happening.

Also, a volunteer program is sort of in the works. It has not all been ironed out yet, but one of the board's responsibilities will be to design the volunteer program. That's also a step in the right direction, but things are moving so slowly.

These are both really positive changes, but I also cannot help but worry about the animals currently in the shelter at this moment. Maybe we can help animals in the future, but what about the ones in there right now? And I also am skeptical about the staying power of the future changes. Will these improvements be abolished once the commissioners think we've been appeased?

How are you supposed to eat an elephant? One bite at a time (not that I would eat an elephant ; 0)

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