Wednesday, November 3, 2010

So disappointing.....

I found a lost dog in our neighborhood, and while I was putting up flyers about the found dog, I noticed a dog chained up outside. He was very dirty, and I could see his bony spine from the road. There was water bowl that had been tipped over I could tell that he spent a lot of time out there tethered, so I headed out during the middle of the night (I know, I have no life), and sure enough, he was still out there in the cold.

As an FYI, in marion county, it is illegal to tether a dog from 11pm to 6am to prevent around the clock dog chaining and to avoid dogs barking outside at late hours.

This is the second dog that I've found in my neighborhood that is continually chained, and it's so disappointing. I called Animal Control for the last dog (and it helped for a little while - he has been chained up during the night recently), and I'll do it again for this dog. I wish I could send this message out to my neighbors: It is NOT ok to chain your dog up outside of your house 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You cannot tether a dog like you park a car outside. Animals are not disposable, and I WILL call Animal Control to report your actions. It is illegal and cruel.

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