Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Anniversary : )

Towards the end of the summer, Aaron and I celebrated our one year
wedding anniversary. I am disbelief that a year has flown by so quickly.

In that time, we've both switched jobs, we put all new siding on our entire home, our furnace went out during the "great ice storm" of 2010, we fostered 12 animals from the Humane Society, and we've struggled with bad days, work schedules, and your typical squabbles and disagreement

In the throes of planning our wedding, we thought a lot about how to make the one day special while not losing sight of what makes a good marriage. It seems so crazy to me to be talking about such a serious topic at age 24 - Aaron and I have both admitted to one another that we never expected to be married so young. In some ways, we feel like little has changed since we were dating, but indeed they have.

Here's to many more years sweetheart!

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