Friday, December 5, 2008

My favorite items of clothing growing up

I make no secret that fall is my favorite season; I love the slightly cooler weather, the beautiful trees, halloween, the BEAUTIFUL trees and leaves, just to name a few things. This season, I bought a brown sweater that I love, and I wear it all the time. It's warm and cozy, and I feel great in it. I have a hard time from keeping myself from wearing all the time. : ) Actually, I wore it yesterday!
It reminds me of my favorite clothing when I was in elementary school. I wish I had a picture of myself in this outfit, but unfortunately, I do not. It was a pair of purple pants and a rainbow striped shirt that I wore every Friday. Wish I still had the guts to wear something like that again-haha!
Another one of my favorite items of clothing was a pink and purple jacket with black and white striped piping. Trippy sounding, huh? I think this jacket was what started my love affair with fall. I can remember playing outside in the leaves in this jacket, and I wore it well into the cold weather even though it was a light-weight jacket.
In middle school, I had this pink, long-sleeved nike shirt with a hood that I adored. I do have pictures of me wearing this shirt somewhere, but I'd definitely have to dig for those. I remember packing it with me to go on our school's trip to Washington D.C., and I wore that until it was thin.

As I got into high school, I started to refine my image, and I remember a couple of pieces of clothing that I loved to wear. The first was a pair of jeans that fit me perfectly, and that was always tricky because of my height (I'm just under 5'0). Besides their fit, there was really nothing special about those jeans, but they were definitely a staple in my weekly wardrobe. There was a dress that I wore to special functions and in my senior pictures that was red. It was form-fitting with tan flowers, and it made me feel spectacular.

To round off this post, I have left you a beautiful picture from Indiana University during the fall , one from Halloween. (I dressed up as my pet bunny Mimzy, and my boyfriend Aaron was the hunter).

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