Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! I was thankful that today was relaxing. Of course, Aaron and I spent Christmas over at my parents' for breakfast and then we went over to his parents' for lunch.

The day was not entirely free of work. I had an interview yesterday for a position I am trying to fill for tomorrow, so I did spend some time emailing information to the person and to the contact person at the client. This person is on a temp-to-hire basis, and we'll be sending another person out there as well, so this will provide some income through the month of January. Admittedly, it is corny, but I feel as though it's our little Christmas miracle. We've not been as busy as we should be for December, and we started to worry about January when we are not very busy, so this is going to help sustain us until we are able to pick back up with the busier season. Oh yeah, and we also got a phone call from one of our employees regarding her paycheck. We never gret a break....

Last night for Christmas eve we went to a church service at a friend's church because our church does not have one. I got to see her son who is turning 2 on Sunday, and he is a baby doll! I really loved the Christmas music and the candle lighting ceremony, but unfortunately, I felt a bit stressed about the new order for Friday. I've got to admit, it made me a little sad that I was taking phone calls after the service because I never want to be the type of person who is so engrossed in work that I am working non-stop.

My family always opens gifts on Christmas Eve, and I was so excited to present my gifts! If you happen to know my brother, you'd know that he is extremely intelligent. He's in a masters program for actuarial sciences, so I got him a t-shirt that says "Dangerously Overeducated." My parents are so good to us, and they have generously welcomed Aaron into our family and included him in all of our holiday celebrations.

I really enjoyed my Christmas season, and I am always sad to see the season go. But I'm looking forward to the new year especially because it involves graduation and a lot of other exciting events. ; ) I'm also looking forward to reading the time capsule that Aaron and I wrote last year.

Stay tuned for a post on Predictions for 2009 and perhaps some new year's goals and resolutions.

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