Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What a weekend! After a packed week of interviews, training, and general staffing, we headed out to the track to work the ridiculously expensive suites for the 500. It's always a good time, but working the race always means several long days that begin at 5am : ( And I wouldn't exactly call myself a morning person, either!

Even though working for myself is a lot of work, frustation, and fear, I wouldn't rather do anything else. I especially enjoy the office gang we have now with me, Aaron, and our salesperson, Stacy, who's totally cool! And I can't complain about the building atmosphere either! I seriously need to post some pictures of this place--it's super neat.

I got the opportunity recently to spend some time with a couple of friends who are already married, and I'm starting to collect advice. Thanks girls! We've been a bit busy with work recently to do a lot of planning, but we've done some venue shopping.

Here's what we've come up with so far (in no particular order):

1. Creation Cafe--(see earlier post) we were thinking of arriving (or leaving) the wedding on a gondola because it's right on the canal!
2. The L.S. Ayers Tea Room at the state museum. We can use the gondola idea here too
3. Oak Hill Mansion out in their wooded grounds. This is one of the companies we work with and have a really good relationship with the owners.
4. Glenns Valley Nature Park-we were thinking about having a picnicky type of wedding, sans the gingham print, plus real tables.
5. The Flower Barn in Lebanon--it's a flower farm with a small barn for hosting events. We're thinking country chic with this one
6. Avon Perrenial Gardens-this place is gorgeous, and the pavilion in which we'd host the reception is the perfect size. We're thinking the picnic thing again with this venue.

I'm excited to do more planning, and I'm sure we'll be setting a date soon. We're thinking September. And we're also planning to get engagement pictures, which will be fun!

So any opinions about the venues?


AMFM said...

Uh, I just want to personally say that the anything with the gondola sounds excellent! That is very storybook and sweet! So glad you are doing well!


Mackenzie said...

Hey! So I just randomly came across your blog for the first time and saw that you and Aaron are engaged - congrats!!!! I just wanted to say that GV Nature Park is gorgeous, and if you decided to go that route, that big house in the park can be rented out and it's roomy and pretty (I rented it for my high school graduation party). Good luck! :)