Saturday, September 25, 2010

Purposeful living

I decided to shake things up and try some new things. Wanting to squeeze the best out of life and "suck out the marrow of life," I chose to work on a couple of projects in the next year to keep things fresh.

Both projects really scare me - but I'm really excited too. The goals that I chose seem far from my reach and surreal, but I'm glad for the challenge.

The first project involves Aaron - we're going to participate in the mini marathon next May! We may not run the entire race, and we're not really racing for time. We just want to finish ; 0 I'm scared because I'm afraid of how painful it may be and because I'm afraid of not finishing and feeling like a failure.

This is Aaron's parents 4th or 5th year of doing the mini, and a friend of mine completed it last year (way to go Emily!), so knowing a few others who've successfully finished gives me some confidence!

The second project is not a physical challenge but still ulcer inducing in its own way. I'm working on writing a short comedy sketch for an open mic night at a local comedy club. You see, I have never considered myself to be a funny person. Any laughs caused by me are usually not on purpose, so this one's going to be really tough for me.

Usually, a first time comic gets about 3 minutes of time, so I'm confident that I can conjure up some laughter. I can at least survive 3 minutes! I'm actually pretty happy with the initial material that I've come up with. I'm talking about a topic that I feel extremely comfortable discussing - animals.

So there they are! Two big, scary projects that will hopefully be fun and fulfilling. I'll provide updates!

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