Monday, January 24, 2011

Role Models

I chuckled after I titled this blog post because of the immature, but popular movie. But onto the real post....

I recently realized how fortunate I am to know many admirable women who serve as role models for me in my career. I know these women through work, volunteering, and networking.

They are making an impact on animals' lives in Indianapolis in so many ways:
  • Spaying and neutering thousands of cats yearly
  • Beautifying a cheerless yard in front of Animal Control
  • Coordinating a food pantry, fencing projects, outreach events, and more
  • Transporting huge amounts of fence and then helping needy families install it
  • Trapping and transporting hundreds of feral cats
  • Shouldering the animal issues that matter at Indianapolis Animal Care and Control
  • Managing all of the Humane Society's operations and make it look easy
  • Rescuing, rehabilitating, fostering, and adopting out homeless and neglected animals
  • Planning the new spay/neuter center in Fountain Square that will sterilize thousands of animals yearly
These women manage households, raise children, have careers, and do all of these things simultaneously. I seriously admire these women and hope that I grow up to be as cool as they are : )

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