Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Love Lucy

I got a call yesterday from a coworker in the shelter asking me to help a Spanish speaking client. Gladly, I accepted the call, and learned that the family was looking for their lost dog.

After they got instructions on the process, they visited the shelter, and they found their dog! I got another call from the family today, and they are now interested in getting their dog neutered (male dogs tend to run off when females are in heat) and getting him vaccinated.

I couldn't be more proud that my hard work in learning Spanish paid off!

Fortunately, German wasn't offered the year I tried to sign up. Fortunately, I enjoyed learning Spanish. Fortunately, our school had teachers that provided good instruction. Fortunately, my parents were able to help me go to Spain to study. Fortunately, I practice enough to be able to help the family and their dog.

Having Spanish speaking clients in the vaccine clinic inspired me to continue practicing my Spanish, and I'm so glad that I did.

Oh - and fortunately, I always wanted to know what Ricky said to Lucy when he was chewing her out : )

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