Thursday, February 10, 2011

V-day is fast approaching!

Aaron and I never really had a specific anniversary date when we started dating, so we always used Valentines day because I wanted to bundle everything into one day of celebration (because I like to be practical of course). This year, we're celebrating 6 years together - I'm in disbelief! We've been together now for 25% of our lives, and I couldn't be happier that we ended up together.

We will be celebrating this year by going ice skating and our usual tradition: going to China Buffet. Nothing screams romance like chinese food, I know, but there is a good reason.

Aaron and I became acquainted with each other while we were in high school through show choir. We both participated in the musical our senior year, and we went out with our friends after practice one evening, which happened to be February 14. Now, we remember our first Valentines day by visiting the same restaurant (now with a fancy table cloth!) and talking about the early stages and evolution of our relationship.

If you had asked me then, I would never guessed that we would be married, own a home, working jobs that we both love, and living a fulfilling life together.

We'll be celebrating this year the Saturday before Valentines day because I have to work late on Mondays, but I can't wait for some designated time together.

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