Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcoming 2009

This post is going to be a bunch of lists, so look forward to a quick read.

I'm so excited for 2009 because I've been waiting for all the exciting things that are going to happen! Here are a few things that I have been looking forward to for a while that are on the brinking on becoming a reality:

1) Graduation-Woooot! I'll be done jumping through hoops at the Kelley School of Business : ) and I'll be getting a degrees in Business Economics and Public Policy Analysis and then I've got a Spanish minor too.
2) Working full time for my company. I am very optimistic about the quanity (and of course quality!) of businss that we'll be able to do for the year. I would really like to start doing event planning for some of the private parties that we do, and I want to finally start that book that I've been meaning to start about our journey so far.
3) 4 year anniversary--this february marks a four year milestone with Aaron. I am in disbelief!
4) Engagement-if all goes as planned, Aaron and I will be getting engaged sometime this year. I'm sooo excited about that.
5) Moving into a permanent living situation--Every weekend, I pack a bag to come home so that I can work for the business. During the summer, I spent half of my days at the office and the other half was split up between staying at mine and Aaron's parents' houses. It gets a bit exhausting, and Aaron and I are looking forward to keeping all our stuff in one location and ditching the ovenight bags.
6) A new office--Aaron and I are searhing right now for what will likely be the final office that Prodigy Staffing moves into in Indianapolis. I've got a really good feeling about a particular office.

Those are the major events, but now onto my predictions for 2009

1) Gas prices will reach $5 per gallon
2) Beyonce will have a baby
3) There will be some very out of touch people who freak out about their televisions showing static in February
4) Oprah will lose some more weight
5) Sarah Palin will appear on Desparate Housewives and then fade into the background
6) There will be at least one close assassination attempt on Barack
7) China and Germany's GDP will plummet as the world economy tanks as the two country's economies rest on exports
8) Mini laptops will be popular
9) I will have a birthday ; )
10) Most of my predictions will be wrong

And finally, the last list for your enjoyment, some of my goals for the year
1) Start event planning business by march
2) Move out of my parents' house by June
3) Advance to the green belt in hapkido
4) Learn how to drive a stick shift
5) Draw or paint something worthwhile
6) Organize and scan all pictures that are not in digital form
7) Learn to surf
8) Do a cleansing fast
9) Write my personal mission statement
10) Open a retirement account that is specific to entrepreneurs like a SEP-IRA
11) Learn to bartend
12) Make a hole in one, even if it miniature golf
13) Finally learn how to play poker
14) Audition for a commercial
15) Do a 365 day challenge--I've decided on a challenge already. I'm going to get rid of one of my possessions for each day of the year.
16) Publish a youtube video
17) Organize everything and have a "system" for everything
18) Sew an entire outfit for myself
19) Make the soundtrack for my life
20) Ride a mechanical bull

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