Sunday, November 16, 2008

First Post!

Hello, my name is Jessica. It's nice to meet you.

I have kept a blog for several years now, and I finally wanted to start publishing my posts for the world to read and leave comments. Be ready for some billiant prose! Haha, just kidding. I've had a lot of fun keeping a blog for myself, so hopefully it'll be fun with an audience.

If you know me a little bit, you would know that I am a business major at IU and that the business school owns my life sometimes! I'm doing related majors in economics and public policy, but sometimes all of that tends to get a little old, and I get an itch to leave the walls of the b-school. This semester, I enrolled in a self-defense class, mostly because it fulfilled two things f or me: 1) the class was not a business class 2) it fit into my schedule nicely.

I didn't know it would be a martial arts class, and I didn't like the fact that we would all be barefoot together in a wrestling room. Weird, I know. After attending the first class, I learned that the curriculum would be based around hapkido, which is a korean martial art. I decided to go ahead and stay in the class because I reasoned that a $25 uniform would cost less than a textbook for any other class.

The class started off slowly at first, but then we got into combinations of strikes, blocks, and kicks, and after each class, I talked my boyfriend's ear off about what we did in class! While I'm in a beginner's class, and I have a white belt, I've learned a ton about how to block punches and kicks, how to escape from chokes, and then how to counterattack with punches, strikes, and kicks.

If you were to look at my schedule next semester, you'd see intermediate hapkido. I LOVE it, and in fact, I am testing to go up in belts this Wednesday. I can't wait to test, and I hope that I pass. As soon as figure out how to upload pictures on blogspot, I'll post pics of me wearing my white, and hopefully my yellow belt!

So as you might imagine, I got over the whole bare feet thing. : )

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