Sunday, February 15, 2009

A miscellaneous post!

This weekend was so crazy and all over the place! I loved every minute of it.

On Friday evening, I visited my high school youth pastor's home to help out with an activity they were hosting for middle school students called the Broken Hearts Banquet. They asked me to sing something related to their theme which is God's Love is Right Now, and I chose a song by a group called Avalon entitled "I'm Speechless." My parents came to support me, which was wonderful, and the speakers that were invited were so interesting to listen to. My parents also took video of it too, and I may post it if I can figure out how one might go about doing that.... The speakers were parents of some of the children who were in the youth group that had adopted children. I laughed and I cried; some of the stories about the individual children were hilarious, while others broke my heart. I've wanted to adopt children for as long as I can remember wanting to be a mother, and hearing these stories fueled that desire even more.

Saturday was of course, Valentine's Day, and it was different that what I had anticipated for the day. A close family friend's mother died last week, and me, my family, and my boyfriend Aaron all went to the funeral in the afternoon. I was asked to sing at the funeral, and I must say, I'm so glad I went first, because I was a wreck as the service continued. The woman who died was named Nellie, and her grandson did something so beautiful; he is a police officer for the city of Indianapolis and was given a medal a heroism which he placed in her casket because she was a hero to him! I didn't know Nellie very well, but it was heartbreaking to think about losing any of my own family and to see others grieving.

Later that evening, Aaron and I headed back to Bloomington to celebrate Valentine's Day and our FOUR YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! I am in disbelief that it's been this long, and I feel so fortunate that I have Aaron in my life. He is my support and my best friend. I love you Aaron. Our first Valentines Day together happened after we had only been on two dates, so we went really casual and ate at China Buffet. It's been tradition that we eat Chinese every year for anniversary, and it's a tradition that we did not falter from this year either! Afterwards, we watched a movie and settled down just to relax and to talk. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed the evening; most nights, we work on things for our business, so it was great to just focus on each other. I somtimes forget how interesting he is to talk to.

I should be studying for my statistics exam which is Tuesday, but I've been busy today with a lot of exciting things! I lead an economics club meeting this afternoon at three which was a lot of fun because we had graduate students come and talk about their experiences. I learned a lot from them, and we had ordered some great pizza that I had never tried before. Afterwards, I headed to the library and started to study and then got distracted by working on some things to spread the word about animal welfare, and now here I am blogging.

I suppose I should get back to work and start getting serious about this exam! I'll update about how it goes, and I'll also be posting soon to tell about my upcoming belt test in hapkido. I'm going for my orange belt on Tuesday so wish me luck : )

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