Saturday, February 21, 2009

Pulling at your heartstrings

Check out this video made from pictures of animals at a shelter in Texas. It definitely tugs at the heart. Here are some ways that you can help shelter animals:

1. Volunteer your time. Many of these animals are lonely with little human interaction. Volunteer to play with cats, walk dogs, or just pet an animal that desperately needs human companionship.
2. Donate money. Animal shelters appreciate any sized donation.
3. Donate needed items. Find your local humane shelter's website to view their wishlist. Often times, they need towels, blankets, clay kitty litter, cleaning supplies, and other pet necessities.
4. Get your pets spayed or neutered. Please help prevent pet overpopulation by spaying or neutering your pets. You can save lives this way, and there are probably low-cost clinics that can do this for cheap.
5. Educate others about spaying and neutering. If you notice a friend with a litter of puppies, encourage them to seek to have the pet fixed.
6. Do NOT buy a pet-Adopt! Many animals come from facilities that churn out animals like machines, and these dogs or cats are very mistreated. They are lonely, not given proper veterinary care, and abused. Please view: for more information

As always, thanks for reading and supporting your local animal shelter!

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