Thursday, February 19, 2009

Orange belt testing, and for those of you who can wear ear buds, I am jealous

Hello friends-I have good news for you all. I passed my exam last evening for my orange belt! I was soooooo nervous. After I was finished, I felt exhausted from the stress, and my hands were a-shakin'. I had a friend of mine test me and another friend from class work with me on the partner portions of the exam. It was so nice of them to do it! After it was over, I was so glad because it's so stressful, but as I was laying in bed last night, all I could think of was: I wonder how long it will take for me to prepare for the green belt test. ; ) I guess I'm a glutton for punishment.

Also, I've wanted to get something off my chest for the last couple of days. I HATE ear buds. You know those dumb headphones that everyone has? Yeah, well, I can't wear them because they don't fit. I normally wear a pair that has a piece of rubber that goes over the ear, making the ear bud more secure, but recently I lost those and have had to deal with the normal ear bud. My attempts to wear these only lasted a day because wearing them was more frustrating than it was worth. Trust me, I looked while others were putting them in, while they were wearing them, and I still was not able to put them in properly so that they would no fall as soon as I made any minute movement. I must have defective ear openings.....

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