Monday, March 2, 2009

Yowza! It's been a long time since I've posted!

Hello friends! I'm back. I took a short hiatus from blogging because I've been so darn busy with school, hapkido, stuff for the business, and stuff to help out my animal friends!

It's all good and worthy of my attention, but sometimes all of it just piles up at once, you know?

Last night, I spent most of it awake studying for a midterm that I had today. I thought it went pretty well, however, I was talking to some friends about questions that I changed my answers to because I was unsure of them, and I'm pretty positive that I had the correct answers prior to changing them.... Gr....Oh well!

After the exam, a friend of mine invited me to go to Chipotle with her and a friend that I didn't know, and we had a blast! Chipotle's delicious, and we laughed a ton. It was a great way to relieve some of the stress from the exam.

I've just got one more class of the day-statistics-which I'm not thrilled about, but immediately following class, I am volunteering with the campus animal welfare group to get the message out about the puppy mill legislation that is in the works for Indiana. I'm sooo excited. Doing this kind of work makes me feel so fulfilled and wonderful. I just want to tell everyone about it!

In case you're from Indiana reading this blog and would like to know more about the legislation, here's some information about it and how you can help abused dogs in Indiana. And by the way, if you know of anyone who might be interested in participating to help stop the worst abuses of dogs in Indiana, feel free to copy, paste, and spread like wildfire!

Right now, there is legislation in the Indiana Senate to make dog breeders more responsible and end suffering in puppy mills around Indiana. The bill in a nutshell makes breeders give the dogs food, water, veterinary care, and little bit of exercise. So, really basic stuff. It also limits the number of dogs that breeders can have so that dogs are not neglected due to huge numbers. Even if you're an IU student from out of state, you are still considered a constituent for Indiana Senators!

If you'd like to call, it takes about 2 minutes and these three steps:

Step 1: Go to this website
Step 2: Choose Indiana Senate as the elected office and enter your zip code to find out your senators names
Step 3: Call this number: 800-382-9467 and ask to leave a message for the senators that come up in your search

You can use this sample script if you like: Hello, my name is (name), and I am calling to leave a message for (senator’s name) regarding House Bill 1468. I wanted to let (senator’s name) know that I support this bill to end suffering in puppy mills and that I oppose any changes that weaken it. Thank you.

1) They should ask for your information (name, address, etc.) to make sure that you are a constituent. If they don’t ask, the message is not being passed along.
2) Also, there is an indefinite time period to call about this because the date for voting has not been set yet
3) Pass this on to all animal lovers!

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