Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hapkido, learning poker, and Aaron is awesome

Greetings! I'm doing a bit better since my last post, so this will be a happier one.

Some of my older postings involved telling you about my new love for Hapkido, which is a Korean Martial (haha, almost wrote martian!) based largely on self-defense. I just took a beginning class, not expecting to like it, and loved it! This past weekend, those testing for their black belts from the hapkido club did so on Sunday. If you've never seen a black belt test, I highly recommend attending one because it is so powerful! These guys look like frickin ninjas and make it look easy! Another cool thing for me was knowing 5 out of the 8 people who tested. Congratulations guys (and girls)! Kudos to you for all of your hard work!

In a completely unrelated topic, I learned how to play poker this week! Albeit, I am not a huge card player, but it was for a good cause : ) The animal welfare club on IU's campus was hosting the tournament in order to raise money for a non-profit in Bloomington that rehabilitates wild animals who have been injured. I also learned to deal, just in case we had enough people. I was really scared to deal, but I wish that we had recruited so many people that we didn't even have enough dealers. Anyway, last night was the poker tournament, and I won fourth place! I would say this happened in part (ok, maybe largely) because Aaron was my "consultant," but it still felt good! And the best part of all, the organization was helped, if even by just a little bit. Go Wildcare! (check out the site, you'll see some seriously adorable baby deer!)

To conclude, I'd like to include a mini ode to Aaron. As I've become more interested in improving the lives of animals (always been an animal lover, but just recently discovered the severity of animal cruelty and ways that I can help), he's been there every step of the way. I mean, seriously, for the past month since I've made my own transition to vegetarianism, he's eaten tofu and other meat substitutes gladly, and he's willing to try anything that I cook.

Another reason that I am so grateful for his support is because he has participated in any kind of activity or fundraising event for which I asked his help. He was there when I learned poker, and he helped me along the way. He then came to the poker tournament with me.

In addition, he encouraged me to adopt Bella, he's supported me when I've spent time researching products and companies that don't test on animals, he's hung up the animal welfare flyers that I've created to educate others on topics that I'm passionate about, he's told others about what I'm doing with regards to specific projects, he's decided to avoid all leather, and we now go to Burger King, BW3's, and have changed other restaurants that we frequent to access vegetarian options.

In short, he's awesome because he really cares about animals too and because he suppports me in everything that I do. I love him so much, and I am wise enough to realize how lucky I am!

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