Saturday, April 11, 2009

New office update, graduating soon, and a little bummed out

After working like mad every weekend since spring break (and during spring break), we are nearing the end of working on making our new office a new home for the company. We've done the following:
*moved in
*installed doors and trim (both a pain in the neck)
*hung up pictures and clocks
*wired a really cool street lamp in the office
*installed speakers and video cameras
*bought three new desks, two new desks chairs, two more stackable chairs
*organized, and more!

If I haven't mentioned it, we've relocated to the Stutz Business Center in downtown Indianapolis. I LOVE the building. It was a car manufacturing facility that was turned into an offices. There are concrete floors, hallways that are the width of a car, and exposed pipes in the ceiling. There is a car museum on our floor, it is home to about 30 artists, and the halls are decorated accordingly. As soon as the project concludes, I will post pictures!

In other news, I will graduating on May 9, and my first day of work is May 12th! Woohoo!

Lastly, I've been pretty bummed out lately. It's like I feel as though I'm carrying some heavy burden.

My grandfather has had problems with alcoholism for as long as I can remember, and although we were really hopeful after his last treatment, he's already relapsed. The last time he was in there, I wrote him a letter, and I spilled my guts to him regarding how I felt about his drinking and how much he meant to his family. He said that it really touched him, and naively, I thought I thought it effect would change

Another hard subject for me comes from my affection for animals. The woman from whom I adopted Bella emailed me recently to see if my parents would be interested in adopting a new dog that was at the rescue, and then I received another email from her about me adopting another dog. I know that I don't possess the power to save every animal, but the guilt that accompanies turning her and the dog down is so gut-wrenching for me.

Also I often lay (lie?) in bed at night thinking about the animals who are living in puppy mills, shelters, factory farms, fur and leather farms, constantly chained dogs with no affection consider and how lonely they must be. Just those thoughts bring tears almost instantly. I would give anything to just hold them all so they would know how much they are loved. I wish someone would make them feel worthwhile and loved. If you have a dog, cat, hamster, rabbit, or just live near an animal, please show them that you love them today. They long for your affection and will be more loyal than you can imagine.

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