Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Do you know about Creation Cafe?

As Aaron and I have moved into the office, we've been checking out the surroundings to see what's nearby. One of our recent discoveries is a really cool restaurant located within walking distance (about 3 minutes) from our office off the canal. It's at the very end of the canal in a really neat looking building that is called Buggs Temple. As a historic building, this place has a lot of charm.

Walking in, we were greated by the happy, airy feel of the restaurant with funky decorations. Normally, as I sit down for a meal, I'm busy looking at the menu, but this place had hand-painted tables that were each unique. All of the decorations were original and fun. For example, there were parasols hanging from the celing, piece of silverware artwork on the wall, and old table used as the hostess station, and fun lammps.

As I browsed the menu, I was elated to see several vegetarian and vegan options. I ordered the Black bean burger with a ceasar salad, while Aaron ordered the Veg Head sandwich--neither disappointed. One thing I liked about the restaurant was that the menu changed as the seasons did. This tells me that ingredients are fresh, and options are always new. Prices ranged from about $7-$12 per person.

Curious about the rest of the facility, we looked around a bit more. There is a really neat seating area with comfy couches placed next to small end tables with funky lamps and a bookcase filled with books and board games. A bonus: I know that I've talked about how eclectic it is already, but there is even a massaging chair among the mix of furniture!

There is also outdoor seating for those who want a great view of the city and of the canal. Another bonus: dogs are allowed! There were at least 3 people with their pooches there with them, enjoying lunch as well. I'm guessing that furry friends have to sit on the patio, but I was still so pleased that canal walkers and others who wanted to bring their dogs could come and visit. I'm thinking I might take Bella with me there soon : )

Check it out if you're visiting downtown, and especially if you're walking around the canal hungry. The food and the atmosphere is unbeatable, and you can also enjoy a nice cup of coffee with your little furry friend.

Here's the contact information and a picture:
Buggs Temple
337 West 11th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202
Phone: 317-955-2389

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jenny kay said...


Totally by happenstance my BF and I ended up eating at Creation Cafe last Saturday. We were in Indy for my birthday, and ended up walking the entire length of the Canal. It is really good!