Monday, August 3, 2009

Whew! I made it past the weekend alive

This weekend affirms what I've always felt--when you deal with people, things get messy.

I spent all weekend trying to fix mini and major crises with the different events that we worked. It seemed like one issue after another, and I worked both Friday and Saturday night.

After working about 50 hours this week, I tacked on another 12 with the events I ended up having to work. I know I'm having a pity party, but a lot is riding on the work that I do, and when it doesn't go smoothly (which is often), my nerves fray. I had planned to spend my Sunday at the office catching up on work that I have neglected for a little while, but I spent all day in what I consider "recovery mode," which is just a vegetative state on the couch in my comfiest.

Although it is not for most, my favorite day of the week is Monday. I love Mondays because it's always a day in the office to catch up, we do casual Mondays, and I am not usually running around like a crazy person like I am the rest of the week, and Aaron and I volunteer at the FACE clinic

After the smoke clears after each weekend, I usually feel emotionally and physically drained. I guess that's why I'm doing this while I'm young, right? Well, I guess that's just how it goes : )

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