Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Grab-bag of blog topics

This weekend was jammed pack full of events, some good and some horrible.

Here's an index of topics for you to choose from. Warning: this blog post is guaranteed to be lengthy!

A. The Merrick/Utterback wedding
B. My little bunny, Harriet
C. Events without a hitch!

A. The Merrick/Utterback wedding

On Saturday night, Aaron and I attended Joe Merrick and Melissa Utterback's wedding. We had such a great time! It was great to catch up with the Merrick family, and I'm always up for a romantic night with my man! The DJ had on this AWFUL tuxedo shirt--the only place that it could have been purchased was the 1980's. I'm pretty sure that Joe's mom, Karen was ready to fight the DJ out in the parking lot too!

B. My little bunny, Harriet

Also on Saturday night, I was visiting my bunnies, Mimzy and Harriet, and I noticed that Harriet was not very responsive. I picked her up and let her hang out with me in the living room, gave her a banana, and she perked right up. I didn't think much about it until the next morning.... When I walked in the room, she was laying on her side, so I opened the top of the cage. She still did not get up. I reached down to touch her, and she still did not get up. Frantically, I woke up Aaron, and he rushed to her side to see what was wrong.

He carefully lifted her tiny body, and it was limp. She could not stand, and she could not even hold up her head. I felt panicked, but I knew this was not a time to lose my composure, so I called some emergency vets to see where I peacefully put her down (it became very apparent that she would not live) and found one on the north side.

My dad drove me up there, and at that point, I broke down and sobbed. I couldn't stand to see her suffering, and my tears blurred my vision. After about 10 minutes, I calmed down and carefully lifted the box that she was laying in to hear her breathing or see her body moving. I saw nothing, but I wanted to continue on just in case she were alive. I didn't want her to suffer any longer. When we reached the vet's office, I had begun crying again, and I knew that she had died. I asked them to check anyway.

The vet returned with her small frame and informed me that she had passed away. The little girl died in my arms! I felt glad that she died sooner, but I hated to lose her. Aaron and I buried her in a patch of clovers, but she would have been happiest. After laying the dirt, Aaron erected a small cross made of sticks and laid down Timothy hay at her gravesite as "flowers." We both broke down, held each other, and did the "ugly cry." The whole day was emotionally draining, and I still feel so sad today. I am just glad that she died with a loving family that misses her.

C. Events without a hitch

This past week, our staff was stretched pretty thin, and we were worried about how they would turn out. It felt like a living nightmare on Saturday when about a dozen people called off from their events.

Aaron and I hurriedly called more people who might be willing to work and found a few extras. One lady whom we had not called in a while said, "Prodigy? I can't believe you're still in business!" Jerk.

Somehow, we had PERFECT numbers for ALL of our events. I can't even remember that last time that happened!

We also had no major issues to deal with on Monday.

All I can say is WOW!!!!

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