Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I relearned the old adage to not judge a book by its cover!

This week, a young man about my age entered my office asking about work. I handed him some paperwork, and when he was finished, I collected it and told him that I would be with him in a minute for the interview. As I entered our waiting area, I noticed that he was reading a copy of the Pampered Pet magazine (a free publication!), and I thought that it was pretty interesting, especially since he looked kind of thugish.

I said, "I noticed you were reading the animal magazine. Do you have any of your own animals?" He responded that yes he did; a red-nosed pit bull and a miniature pincher. Very shallowly, I assumed that this rough-around the edges guy was just like the many pit bull owners that I had met at the clinic. I reasoned that this guy must be the type who thought his pit bull was an absolute beast.

I decided to ask him where his dogs had come from because now I was getting nosy. He told me that his pit bull was a dog that had been cruelly forced into fighting. He also explained that she was "really torn up" when he got her. So, he rescued his "little girl." Of course, I melted. I felt like a jerk, and all of a sudden, I felt this great need to hire this guy!

After the interview, we talked about his love for reptiles. He doesn't believe in keeping them unless they practically have their own room, and he also elaborated and told me about his birthday gift a few years ago from his mother--a custom built iguana cage!

As he left, I decided to tell this fellow animal lover about the FACE clinic.

Oh, and he got hired. Shocker.

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