Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Freshman year of life has been a bit rough, but at least I have my Mickey Mouse waffle maker

Ever since I was in kindergarten, my mom would make Mickey Mouse waffles on the first day of school. I can remember lying in bed on the morning of my first day back at school and getting excited to eat the waffles with Mom as I smelled them cooking. This tradition lasted all the way through my undergraduate years!

When I moved back from college after graduation, my mom made these waffles without fail for my "freshman year of life." It's not like I'm a huge Disney fan - I just love the tradition and memories that come with eating them.

Tonight, I had nothing to make for dinner because I hadn't had the opportunity to make it to the store yet, so I decided to let Mickey help out. Enjoying the waffles tonight reminded me that I still have something awesome in this world - my family, even though the past three months since graduating have been extremely difficult due to the stress of running the business (seriously, it was not even this hard while I was doing school AND work!).

It may be a complete cliche, but no matter how crappy things get or how many people betray my trust, make me look bad, or complain about getting their paycheck a day sooner, my relationship with my parents is rock solid, and as long as that waffle maker works, the tradition will live on : )

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