Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My gratitude list for the day

In spite of the usual craziness that I call my weekend, I am so grateful.

1. The fam-I've noticed that our family unit feels more and more like a team effort and that my parents have become close friends. Mom still reminds me to pick up my socks though....

2. The opportunity to work-Sure, I could use a little more money, and couldn't we all? I am just happy to be working when I know that there are so many out of work now, hoping for their next opportunity. I meet dozens of them weekly.

3. My friends at FACE-Thank goodness for Mondays! I always volunteer at the clinic on Monday nights with Aaron, and I have yet to find another group of people who feels the same way I do about animals.

4. My hair--it's been behaving lately. Yay!

5. A few close friends--I really treasure the few friendships that I still cling to, even after graduation, marriages, children, and mortgages.

6. My fur-childrens' father--He is my sunshine : )

7. Having a fully capable body--working out felt so good tonight.

8. Being granted the understanding and good graces of a few people who really matter

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