Monday, September 14, 2009

Meet Ginger and Josie

Over the past two months, I've been graced by the presence of two beautiful dogs:

Meet Ginger:

On labor day, Aaron and his parents were boating in some lake in Indiana when they saw a dog walking along the shoreline. Aaron's dad likes to fish (and always asks his vegetarian son to go....????), so the boat was anchored about 100 feet from land. They whistled to get the dog's attention, and to their surprise, she swam to the boat! They checked around to make sure they had not abducted someone's fur-child, and they left their phone number with the lodge just in case.

Here is Ginger just after being pulled up into the boat!

Aaron and I took Ginger (named after the character on Gilligan's Island!) to the FACE clinic to be spayed, and we learned that she had horrible bladder stones! I am pleased to announce that she is doing wonderfully after her surgery this morning!

Next up: Josephine!

Josephine, or Josie, as most call her was chained up outside of the FACE clinic one weekend to be dumped. This sweet pit bull had puncture wounds all over her face, ears, and neck, and it is certain that she will lose her right eye. Last week, Josie was spayed, and the vet also checked out her wounds. We are all shocked that the vet found a BULLET IN HER HEAD! She's recovering nicely and is such a precious girl. If there was ever a dog that had a good excuse to be angry at the world, it's Josie. But she's not. And now she's got a forever home with one of the staff!

This picture was taken at the clinic - Josie will snuggle up in anyone's lap!

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