Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Back to school...grr...

So, classes started on Monday... Since I'm graduating in May, I feel as though this last semester is such a big hurdle. Argh!

I still have one class this week that I haven't been to, which is due to the fact that it only meets once per week on Thursday nights. Here's my general reaction so far: I'm taking a leadership seminar for seniors which fulfills a requirement for the business honors degree. I think the professor is like most management professors; he's charismatic, likes management lingo, and he loooves the topic he teaches. For a first class, I'll take the enthusiasm.

The other class I take on Wednesdays is my favorite. It's intermediate hapkido. Unfortunately, I took a self-defense class last semester, not even knowing that it was related to martial arts, and I loved it, but now, since I didn't take beginning hapkido I'm a bit behind. I went to hapkido club this week though, and I learned some things that I had missed. I wasn't going to go to club this semester because of the cost, but I learn a lot whenever I go. I think it also makes me tougher too. When you're holding the "blast master" (the kicking pad) for a brown or red belt that weighs about 50-100 pounds heavier with a stronger kick, you learn to take the hits without falling over and showing that it hurts. Also, a classmate generously offered to help me learn a couple other items on the orange belt list that I didn't know. They're called joint locks, and with little effort, you can take somebody down to the ground quickly.

I'm also taking a class that deals with economics and government. It's boring. There's not much to say about it. However, I do think it's great that the man announces when quizzes are going to be, and we have three tests, meaning that none of them have much weight.

Next up, my least favorite. It's a "business forecasting" class. READ: statistics. So far, I'm not a fan. I'm pretty sure that won't change as the semester progresses. In fact, I would bet that these feelings that I have will only be intensified as the class gets deeper into the material. GAH!

I don't think the last class will be difficult. It's a thesis class, so I'll be writing a paper and giving a presentation. Fortunately, a friend of mine took it already, and he said that the professor didn't grade very hard. Yay!

I don't want to come across that I expect school to be easy or that I don't want to learn, but because I'll be working for my company full time in a few months, I need to grow it so that it is sustaining. Therefore, I hope not to have a crazy semester with classes AND the business being time-consuming.

I'll be updating...

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