Thursday, January 22, 2009

Late night fretting

I really should be sleeping right now, but something's been bothering me tonight. I recently saw this video posted on a blog about animal abuse, and the images were so disturbing. I do not even want to describe the scenes in words, they are so terrible. I have such a soft spot for animals, and I could not banish those images from my mind. The bad thing was, I didn't really want to because I didn't want to make myself think that I took the problem lightly, but I wanted to stop thinking about it so that I wouldn't be in so much tumoil emotionally.

I decided I had to talk to someone about it, so I shared my feelings with Aaron, and we eventually came to the conclusion that there are more animal lovers than there are abusers and that those who abuse are sick and disgusting people. Also, I decided to kind of respectfully remember the lives of those animals who are at the mercy of others and take a moment of silence in their behalf and recognize their struggles. Obviously, I cannot go back into time and change the past or their circumstances, but I realize that there are things that I can do in order to affect the future. I can't convey how much I would love to change those circumstances.

I hope that I'm not sounding over-dramatic. I'm still having a really difficult time moving on from those thoughts and images. I would appreciate if you (if there are any readers of this blog) to leave a message about your thoughts about this or what you do to help animals, or if you just want to leave a message about how much you love your pet. I would love to hear about good people who are spoiling their pets!

I sure spoil my pet rabbit, Mimzy. She is one of my loves. She has her own rabbit house, toys, fresh veggies, and she gets lots of play time when she runs around my apartment for her exercise. Maybe my next post will be an introduction of her-an ode to Mimzy.

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